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18 holes walking: $40.00

18 holes with a cart: $50.00

9 holes walking: $30.00

9 holes with a cart: $39.00

*UPGA members received a $5.00 discount

*$5.00 discount for Military

***SPECIAL: 4 golfers/2 carts/18 holes: $180.00 

*Don't forget to get your frequent player card!

  • Golf 4 rounds and the 5th round is free!​

Red Fox Run

Youth Discounts!

A great way to get your family involved with golf... and a great way to spend time with your family.

Golfers age 14 and under play FREE when golfing with a paying adult 


Rates for ages 15-17 (with applicable green fees playing adult):

$10 for 9 -Holes Walking

$18 Riding 9 -Holes

$20 for 18-Holes Walking

$30 Riding 18-Holes

Memberships :



RATE: $870.00
Single memberships are available for individuals who are 27 years of age or older.

Married Couple:

RATE: $970.00
Married couple memberships are available to married couples.


RATE: $1,070.00
Family memberships include unmarried children up to 20 years of age who reside in the household of the season pass holder.

Senior Single (65+):

RATE: $820.00

Senior Single membership: must be 65+

Senior Couple (65+):

RATE: $920.00
Senior Couple membership: At least one must be age 65+

Junior (19-26):

RATE: $560.00
Junior memberships are available to individuals 19-26 years of age who are not enrolled under family or area school membership.

College Student (Full Time):


RATE: $400.00
College membership are available to individuals with valid college identifications.

High School (Under 19 years old):

RATE: $300.00
School memberships are available to students of area schools who are eighteen and under.

Dual Membership:

RATE: $700.00

Member of another course

Red Fox Run Club House
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